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Ingleburn's First Council Meeting

The Municipality of Ingleburn was formed in April 1896, and continued until December 1948 when it merged with the Municipality of Campbelltown to become part of Campbelltown Municipal Council (later Campbelltown City Council).

The first meeting of the merged Council was held in January 1949.

The merger between the two Councils was as a result of a rationalisation of all Councils undertaken by the New South Wales Government after the end of World War Two.

As a dedication to the Municipality of Ingleburn's Mayors, a number of streets in Ingleburn, Glenfield, and Minto carry their names. Those streets are:

• in Ingleburn, Barff Road, Percival Avenue, Scanlen Way, Piggott Way, Lucas Way, Harris Street, Harper Way, Naylor Place, Hopping Road, Bainbridge Avenue, and Freeman Circuit;

• in Glenfield, Hosking Crescent; and

• in Minto, Joseph Whitehouse Close.

Mayors Black, Chivers, Cook, Maze, and Murray have not yet had any street names dedicated to them.

The following table provides a list of the Mayors of Ingleburn between 1896 and 1948:

The first meeting of the Ingleburn Municipal Council was held in July 1896 at the residence of a Mr Smith in Chester Road, Ingleburn. Present at the meeting were Aldermen Barff, Collins, McInnes, Whitehouse, Percival, and Livingstone.

Alderman Barff chaired the meeting in his capacity as the first Mayor of the Municipality.

At the meeting Alderman Whitehouse was appointed acting Council Clerk (as the Council had no funds to engage a paid Council Clerk). Aldermen Livingstone, Percival, and McInnes were appointed to the Works Committee, and Mayor Barff and Aldermen Collins and Whitehouse were appointed to the Finance Committee.

It was resolved during the course of the meeting that tenders be called for two competent persons to value all the rateable property within the Municipality. Tenders for the valuers were to close no later than Tuesday the 28th July 1896. The valuations would enable the properties to be rated, thereby providing the Council with funds with which to advance the Municipality.

Alderman Livingstone expressed the view that "the Council had a difficult task before them, but he had no doubt they would prove quite equal to the occasion".

 Period Mayor
 1896 - 1901 S G Barff
 1901 - 1903 S J Percival
 1903 - 1904 P Scanlen
 1904 - 1906 W Piggott
 1906 - 1907 P C Lucas
 1907 - 1908 W Piggott
 1908 - 1912 P C Lucas
 1912 - 1913 J H Whitehouse
 1913 - 1916 W Harris
 1916 - 1919 O Black
 1919 - 1921 A J Harper
 1921 - 1931 H Chivers
 1931 - 1932 G Naylor
 1932 G Hopping
 1932 - 1934 H J Maze
 1934 - 1939 C C Murray
 1939 - 1940 H H Bainbridge
 1940 - 1942 J S Freeman
 1942 - 1944 W C Hosking
 1944 - 1946 S Cook
 1946 - 1948 C C Murray

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