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This is a great photo of Ingleburn Railway Station as it used to be.

To the left, the two storey building is what we know today as Centennial House (on the corner of Oxford and Ingleburn Roads).

The pitched roof diagonally to the right of Centennial House is the roof of the station masters residence. The residence was torn down in the early 1980's to continue Ingleburn Road past the Station.

It can be seen that the railway station could be accessed from both the north and south (today it can only be accessed from the south).

The station was shorter than it is today.

It can also be seen that there were no overhead electrical train wires. Electric trains did not come to Ingleburn until 1968. Steam operated trains would have been in use at the time of this photo.

The dirt road to the right of the station is part of what we now know today as Stanley Road.

The solitary building on the right of the station would be on what we now know today as Memorial Avenue.

To the south of the station platform was the Ingleburn railway crossing. The crossing remained in existence until the mid 1980's. It was closed when the Henderson Road bridge was finished and opened.

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