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Using the services of Ross Oliveri Building Designer, in July 2014 the Ingleburn Business Chamber has had drawn up a road strategy plan for future road connections in and around Ingleburn. 

We have titled the strategy plan the Ingleburn Road Strategy Plan.

A copy of the plan is available for download in Pdf format here.

The Ingleburn Road Strategy Plan incorporates the following:

  • construction of the Georges River Parkway from Glenfield through to St Helens Park
  • construction of a major road link from the Georges River Parkway through to Camden Valley Way and beyond utilising the infrastructure reserve area between Ingleburn and Minto and St. Andrews Road. This would necessitate construction of a major road bridge over the rail line
  • the connection of Ingleburn and Minto Industrial areas by constructing a road along the railway line to serve as a vital link between these two major industrial areas
  • the connection of Denham Court Road to the Hume Highway and Ingleburn industrial area and railway station through the re-opening of the Brooks Road bridge at its western end
  • the construction of a short road bridge between Devon Road and Chester Road, and the extension of Chester Road through to the Georges River Parkway
  • the extension of Henderson Road through existing road reserve areas through to the Georges River Parkway
  • the construction of a flood free road bridge at Cambridge Avenue, Glenfield, and the extension of Cambridge Avenue westward through the existing road reserve area to enable it to connect with Campbelltown Road
  • the extension of the Parramatta to Liverpool Transitway at the point where it meets Hoxton Park Road through a busway along Bernera Road, Croatia Avenue, past Edmondson Park railway station, and then along McDonald Road to Ingleburn railway Station
  • the construction of multi-deck commuter car parks at both the western and eastern sides of Ingleburn railway station, with a possible road and pedestrian bridge connecting the two car parks
  • recognition of the fast rail link between Melbourne and Sydney and its proposed Sydney South station at Glenfield

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